Here’s an image of me. It depicts a male human with
              slick hipster hair, in a checkered sports jacket wearing
              a grey tie, looking to the right

Hi! I’m Titus.

I'm an avid open source contributor, mostly programming in JavaScript, working on topics related to natural language processing and markup processing.

I work with start-ups building cool things, and lecture Data Visualisation, Web Standards, and JavaScript at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

In addition to programming, I take up small hobbies, like reading 100+ books in a year, watching all James Bond movies, learning how to shake cocktails, how to tie 85 tie-knots, listening to every pop song ever, and such.

P.S. Here’s my e‑mail. AMA.

P.P.S. And I’m also on twitter!


I work as a lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, CMD. There, I teach students Data Visualisation, Web Standards, and JavaScript.

I learn a lot from teaching the things I do daily.

AndSafety develops user friendly mobile apps and services for companies to help increase safety in the workplace. It’s great to work with companies big and small to make a real impact.

At AndSafety I work with a small team of highly skilled and experienced people, I learn a lot.

Open Source Projects


remark parses and compiles markdown. It lets programs process markdown without ever compiling to HTML (it can though, or to vdom, or to react) by creating a syntax tree. This enables code analysis (for example, remark-lint) and code transformation (for example, remark-toc).

While working on remark I learned a great deal about open source project management.


retext is an extensible natural language processor with support for multiple languages. retext provides a pluggable system for analysing and manipulating natural language in JavaScript. retext was my graduation project.

This was my first big open source project and introduced me to Git and GitHub.


alex catches possibly insensitive, inconsiderate writing, and was featured on The Next Web, The Daily Dot, and more, and reached the top of product hunt.

Whether your own or someone else’s writing, alex helps you find gender favouring, polarising, race related, religion inconsiderate, or other unequal phrasing.

For example, when We’ve confirmed his identity is given to alex, it will warn and suggest using their instead of his.

alexs code isn’t very interesting, but what it does is!


franc detects the language of text, for example, whether some text is written in Portuguese or Afrikaans, English or Mandarin Chinese. In total, franc is able to detect 335 natural languages.

The thinking behind franc gave me valuable insights into natural language.