Titus Wormer

  1. tituswormer@gmail.com
  2. wooorm.com
  3. github.com/wooorm


I am experienced in Node.js, JavaScript, and frontend. In lectures I cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, D3, Web Sockets, and Service Workers. In open source I work with natural language and syntax trees.

I’ve written frontend applications with virtual DOM libraries and Angular. I often use Bash, Git, SASS, and LaTeX. I’ve used Python, CoffeeScript, PHP, MySQL, and Cordova, and dabbled in Rust and C.

Most importantly, I’ll learn anything I need to get something done.


Frontend 3, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

As coordinator (and lecturer) of Frontend 3 I’m responsible for the curriculum and syllabus of the course, an advanced programme on mastering frontend libraries, data visualisation, and D3.

I designed a system where students hand in code on GitHub and continuous integration (Travis) checks their submissions. When code is accepted after a manual review, their submissions are automatically released to our website.

Unified, Free and Open Source Software

— present

As primary maintainer of unified and 150+ related projects; an ecosystem of text processing libraries, plug-ins, and utilities; I endeavor to bring syntax trees and developer tools to content markup languages and natural languages.


Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

— present

As lecturer I teach students several technical courses, such as introductory programming, intermediate backend development, and data visualisation.

Software Engineer, AndSafety

— present

As a developer I build apps and online services to improve quality, efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Software Engineer, Vidacle

As a developer I built a social platform for sharing videos and telling stories.

Visiting Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

As a visiting lecturer I taught students how to build data visualisations using D3.


B. of Communication & Multimedia Design, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

I studied at a design bachelor programme focused on interactive digital products and services. Half way through my studies I started focussing on frontend.