Titus Wormer

  1. tituswormer@gmail.com
  2. wooorm.com
  3. github.com/wooorm


I am experienced in Node.js, JavaScript, and frontend. In lectures I cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, D3, Web Sockets, Service Workers, and more. In open source I work with natural language and syntax trees.

I’ve written frontend applications with virtual DOM libraries and Angular. I often use Bash, Git, SASS, and LaTeX. I’ve used Python, CoffeeScript, PHP, MySQL, and Cordova, and dabbled in Rust and C.

Most importantly, I’ll learn anything I need to get something done.


Unified, Free and Open Source Software

— present

As lead of the unified ecosystem and the 200+ projects under its umbrella I’m trying to make it easier for developers to develop. unified is an ecosystem of text processing libraries, plugins, and utilities. We endeavor to bring syntax trees and developer tools to content markup languages and natural languages. We’re supported by backers and sponsors like Zeit and Gatsby on OpenCollective.

Frontend Applications, Functional Programming, and Frontend Data, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

As coordinator (and lecturer) of these three advanced technical courses, I’m responsible for the curriculum and syllabus of this track, a programme on mastering frontend libraries such as D3, frameworks such as React and Vue, dealing with big datasets, and visualising data.

Last year I designed a system where students hand in code on GitHub and continuous integration (Travis) checks their submissions. When code was accepted after a manual review, their submissions were automatically deployed to our website.

This year is different. Instead of old-school education combined with modern media, like handing in assignments on GitHub, all students and teachers are going to work together full-time for six weeks, with three partners, in a lab provided by the muncipality of Amsterdam, to work and learn together with the industry.

See GitHub.

Backend, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

As coordinator (and lecturer) of Backend I’m responsible for the curriculum and syllabus of the course, an introductory programme on navigating the command line, using Node to build web apps, storing data in a database, and communicating with HTTP.

See GitHub.


Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

As lecturer I teach students several technical courses, such as introductory programming, intermediate backend development, and data visualisation.

Mentor, The Lab @ University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

As a mentor, product manager, and developer at The Lab, an in-house accelerator at our programme inside the AUAS, I help students learn in a real-life scenario, colleagues hone their skills, and research whether the things we teach are applicable to the industry.

Software Engineer, AndSafety

As a developer I build apps and online services to improve quality, efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Software Engineer, Vidacle

As a developer I built a social platform for sharing videos and telling stories.

Visiting Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

As a visiting lecturer I taught students how to build data visualisations using D3.


B. of Communication & Multimedia Design, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

I studied at a design bachelor programme focused on interactive digital products and services. Half way through my studies I started focussing on frontend.